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Seacoast Christian

Golf Club an affiliate club of the Southern California Golf Association



Our golf club is open to golfers of all levels who desire to have an enjoyable time meeting and playing together with other golfers in the bond of Christian fellowship.  We have at least one event each month. 

All our golf outings involve individual stroke gross and net play scoring.  Team play games will be introduced at some events.  All play will conform to USGA rules.  Net scoring will be determined for only those golfers with a current, verifiable official monthly golf index.

Players who do not have an official golf index may be given an unofficial golf handicap for team play purposes only.

A points scoring system will be applied to the playing field's results and points earned will be determined on each golfer's individual gross and net stroke play.  Extra points may be added to those who win in team competition.

Those who desire to have an official golf index through the Southern California Golfer's Association (SCGA), we are an affiliate club that enjoys all the benefits of the SCGA.  If you are interested in joining our golf group, here is what we need from you.

1. Full Name & Date of Birth

2. Address

3. Telephone Number

4. Yearly Dues $40 (dues are for the calendar year and are due by Jan 1) paid to Curtis Chan.

5. Scoring records of at least 5 golf rounds giving name of golf course, tees played from, gross score

Note:  If you already have an existing SCGA member number and desire to TRANSFER to our club please let us know.


Above info can be emailed to:


Checks are sent in the amount of $40.00 made out to Curtis Chan:

  Curtis Chan

5049 Ruette De Mer

San Diego, California  92130

Applications will be processed and you will be issued an SCGA member number the following month.


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